New peacock in the Greater Allama Iqbal Park case

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On 2 September 2022

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 A brand new peacock has arrived with regards to Lahore Larger Iqbal Park

New peacock in the Greater Allama Iqbal Park case

8 other people, together with Rambo, had been arrested on Aisha Akram’s fees,Aisha blamed Rambo for the entire incident Accused of blackmail.

A brand new peacock has arrived within the Iqbal Park case on Independence Day.9 other people, together with Rambo, had been arrested on Ayesha Akram’s fees Pitch crown began.In a written commentary to DGA Investigators, the affected girls blamed Rambo for the entire incident.

Ayesha Akram mentioned that Rambo had deliberate to visit Iqbal Park His superficial pals made my movies Rambo made my gorgeous movies even a 12 months in the past On account of this he has blackmailed me and brought ten lakh rupees.

She gave part of her wage to Rambo. Rambo runs a tactical gang along with his buddy badshah. Chatting with Google Information, Ayesha Akram showed her commentary.Rambo’s foundation is from KDR. He confident that he’s going to delete my gorgeous movies.

Rambo and Yas’s pals blackmail girls DAG Investigators has confident motion towards him.

Ayesha says that Rambo deliberate the incident. She was once advised that she was once blind to the entire incident.I did not pay for it, however later I came upon about it from Tafsash Recording and c.d.r.I did not find out about this plan. I used to make ways with ink.

I would like them to be punished, or I wish to know the regulation, they would like me to punish them, or I would like them to mention that the black mail is simply too skinny for them.


better ilama iqbal park case mein naya mor

New peacock in the Greater Allama Iqbal Park case

lahore better iqbal park kay case mein naya mor aa gaya.ayesha akram kay ilzamat par rembo smet ath afrad ko hirasat mein nay lia gaya.aeysha nay apny sathi rembo ko sare waqia ka zimadar krar dia black mailing ka ilzam b lgaya.

yomy azadi par hony waly waqia iqbal park case mein naya mor aa gaya.aisha akram kay ilzamat ki waja say sathi rembo smet 8 afrad ko hirasat mein lay lia gaya puch taj shuro kar di gai.

D I G investication ko tehriri bayan mein mutasra khaton nay sare waqia ka zimadar rembo ko krar dia.aisha akram nay kaha iqbal park jany ka program rembo nay bnaya tha.

us kay sthi doston nay meri movies bnai rembo nay sal pehly bhi meri na zaiba movies bnai skinny

us ki waja say mujhe black mail kar kay das lakh rupay lay chuka he.apni tankhwah mein say adhay paisy rembo ko deti thi rembo apny dost badshah kay sath mil kar tiktok gaing chalata he.

google information say bat krty howe aisha akram nay apny bayan ki tasdiq ki.or rembo ki c.d.r say asliyat samany ai he us nay yaqeen dilaya tha kay wo meri na  zaiba movies delete kar day ga

rembo aor es kay dost khawaten ko black mail krty hain.

d.i.g investication nay in kay khilaf karwai ki yaqen dehani krwai he.aysha kehti hain kay mein sare mamly l. a. ilam thi tafshish smne ai to es bat ka pata chala mein es waqia o dhokha nahi black mailing kahu gi.

mujhe is bat ka concept nahi tha par unhealthy mein tafsish recoding or c.d.r say is ka pata chalamujhe es plan ka pata nahi tha mein jaisy pehly ink sath tiktok bnati thi tab bhi waisy hello gai thi.

mein chahti hu ok inko krar waqia saza milni chahiye or mujhe qanon kay pura yaqen he wo inko saza dy homosexual or ink hathon say jo khaton black mail ho rhi skinny unko b skon mily ga.

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